Automotive Solutions and Dealer Data Integration for Automotive Retail

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Automotive Solutions for Auto Dealers and Dealer Groups

Automotive Solutions | Auto Dealers | Auto Dealer Groups

Automotive Solutions and Services for Auto Dealers and Auto Dealer Groups

Do You Need to Connect and Certify Your Dealer Developed Solutions?

Do You Want to Bring New Dealer Solutions To Market?

Do You Need to Optimize Your Vehicle Inventory?

The Benefits of Oxlo Dealer Solutions

Give us a call to learn more about how to connect and certify your dealer developed solution rapidly with our certified manufacturer and lender access automotive solutions, optimize your vehicle inventory or bring your new dealer solution to market.
Automotive Solutions and Services
Auto Dealer Software and Auto Dealer Groups
Oxlo recognizes that many savvy Auto Dealers and Auto Dealer Groups decide to build their applications rather than buy their dealer management software from an existing auto dealer service provider. Oxlo ODIN™ solutions are available to dealers who wish to connect their custom application.

Auto dealer and auto dealer groups have access to a full suite of automotive solutions that connect their dealerships to auto manufacturers and captive lenders with real-time two-way integrated and automated business processes.

  • Oxlo SME Services: Business Process Specification Creation
  • Oxlo ODIN™: The dealer integration network for the automotive industry
  • Oxlo SSI™: Oxlo’s patented 24×7 portal based integrated business process certification accelerator
  • Oxlo Network Insight™: Deployment, Certification and Operations Support Dashboards that give you real-time business process insight

Automotive Solutions Benefits
Auto Dealer Software and Auto Dealer Groups
Oxlo Automotive solutions are leveraged by over 40 auto dealer software solutions, Auto Finance Lenders and Auto Manufacturers worldwide.

  • Increasing Profits
  • Improving Customer Satisfaction
  • Expanding Dealer Choice
  • Championing Better Best of Breed Products for Dealers

Optimizing Vehicle Inventory

Oxlo Vehicle Pipeline Information is ideal for assisting in inventory management and has proven to help dealer groups optimize inventory.

Vehicle Pipeline Information provides auto Dealers and Dealer Groups with accurate and detailed visibility into upstream allocation and vehicle configuration information from automakers.

The Pipeline includes all order details such as VIN, color, and options and is normalized into a like-view across all brands.

Automotive Solutions | Oxlo Open Dealer Integration Network

By simplifying the integration process, Oxlo Systems automotive solutions enable a whole new level of integration within the dealership. Oxlo provides technology and certification services for robust integration between the DMS and other applications running within the dealership, such as CRM, F&I, ILM and custom auto dealer software solutions.

Oxlo Open Dealer Integration Network (ODIN™) is an open and secure Internet based auto dealer integration network utilizing industry standards, such as STAR, ebXML and web services. The Oxlo ODIN™ automotive solutions are leveraged worldwide by DSPs, automakers and lenders to integrate auto dealer business systems and facilitate an interoperable and more competitive dealer systems market.

Oxlo ODIN™ Oxlo Insight™ and patented Self Service Integration (SSI™) provide auto dealer software with significant benefits.