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Auto Dealer Software Provider Automotive Solutions and Services

Auto Manufacturer and Auto Lender Integration Solutions

Auto Manufacturer and Auto Lender Certification Solutions

The Benefits of Partnering with Oxlo Systems

Learn more about how to integrate Auto Dealer software rapidly with our full suite of auto dealer software provider solutions. Call Oxlo Automotive Solutions to Learn More: 720-890-7545.
A Full Suite of Business Process Life Cycle Solutions
Auto Dealer Software Providers have access to a full suite of automated business processes solutions that solve the real world problems of auto manufacturer and lender integration.

  • Oxlo SME Services: Auto manufacturer and Auto Lender Access Experts
  • SSI™: Oxlo’s patented 24×7 portal based integrated business process certification accelerator
  • Oxlo ODIN™: The 24x7x365 Carrier Class Open Dealer Integration Network for the automotive industry for production transaction processing, dealer connectivity, on-boarding, management and monitoring.
  • Oxlo Network Insight™: Deployment, Certification, On-Boarding and Real-time Business Process Insight Dashboards.

Auto dealer software providers can choose to leverage the entire suite of solutions or select solutions and services that meet their specific needs.

The Benefits of Oxlo Auto Dealer Software Provider Solutions
Oxlo is the Auto Dealer Software Integration Expert. Oxlo provides Auto Dealer Software Providers with innovative full integration life cycle solutions that provide Auto Manufacturer and Auto Lender access through wide reaching automotive focused Open Dealer Integration Network.

  • IntegrateOnce™: and simplify your access and integration challenges.
  • Simplify and re-use your dealer solution business process development efforts.
  • STAR-enable your dealer solution with real-time two-way manufacturer and lender business processes.
  • Augment your team with Oxlo SME Services that gives you direct access to integrated business process subject matter expertise.
  • Accellerate development using best practices across automakers with Oxlo SSI™
  • Plug-in to Oxlo ODIN™ for a simple SaaS integration Network solution.
  • Deploy dealers across auto manufacturers and auto lenders using Oxlo’s single simple Self Service Deployment feature included with Oxlo Network Insight™.

By partnering with Oxlo Systems for your integration life cycle needs, you gain the proven benefits of a company that accelerates, connects, aggregates, certifies, manages and monitors auto dealer software integrated business process transaction processing.