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Ford Selects Oxlo SaaS Software For Auto Dealer Integration in Mexico

Ford Selects Oxlo SaaS Software For Auto Dealer Integration in Mexico

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Automotive News – Broomfield, Colorado – Jun. 29, 2016 – Oxlo Systems Inc., the owner and operator of ODIN™, the Open Dealer Integration Network for the automotive industry, announces Ford Motor Company has selected Oxlo’s saas software solution to replace its existing VPN solution facilitating auto dealer data integration in Mexico.

Oxlo’s Open Dealer Integration Network has already successfully proven to enable the elimination of the legacy VPN solution in the United States and Canada, and will expand to provide connectivity and data integration for auto dealers across Mexico. The solution leverages Oxlo’s saas software to connect auto dealers and Ford with real-time and batch oriented data exchange. The saas software solution, Oxlo’s Open Dealer Integration Network, provides secure data exchange, required message level processing and reliable B2B message delivery.

Additionally, select Ford dealers in Mexico will have access to Oxlo’s ODIN for Ford Dealers, a secure online web portal connected to the Oxlo Open Dealer Integration Network to view data feeds of factory communications.

“Expanding our saas software information technology solution into Mexico is a logical step in providing auto dealers with simplified data exchange solutions that connect to Ford. By leveraging the solution successfully deployed for auto dealers in North America, Oxlo and Ford can continue to accelerate enhanced data integration for the dealer channel,” said Gene Brothers, CEO of Oxlo Systems. “Rapidly rolling out modern saas software solutions in a consistent and strategic manner provides Ford and their auto dealers with robust managed software that can be deployed quickly.”

To inquire about Oxlo auto dealer data integration solutions and ODIN™ for Auto Manufacturers, visit the Auto Dealer Data Integration for Automotive Manufacturers info page.

For more information about Oxlo Systems saas software solutions for auto lender and auto manufacturers, ODIN for Ford Dealers or Oxlo Systems automotive dealer data integration solutions, visit the company’s website at

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