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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Auto Dealer Data Integration in Canada Accelerates Using Oxlo ODIN

Auto Dealer Data Integration in Canada Accelerates Using Oxlo ODIN

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Automotive News – Broomfield, Colorado – Apr. 19, 2016 – Oxlo Systems Inc., the owner and operator of ODIN™, the Open Dealer Integration Network for the automotive industry, announces rapid rollout of strategic auto dealer data integration solutions for multiple leading auto manufacturers in Canada.

“Over the last year we have experienced a significant increase in the adoption of the Oxlo Open Dealer Integration Network,” said Gene Brothers, CEO of Oxlo Systems. “Multiple automakers have expanded their use of Oxlo’s ODIN solutions to address a number of goal oriented initiatives in short timelines. The initiatives solve problems ranging from the elimination of legacy technologies at the auto dealer, to launching new data integration processes, to rapidly onboarding and certifying DSP solutions for auto dealer data integration.”

Large changes in direction in the Canadian DSP market are being addressed quickly and efficiently by automakers through the strategic deployment of the full suite of Oxlo ODIN integration solutions. DSPs connected to Oxlo ODIN see rapid integration development timelines. In a very short period of time, the amount of ‘best of breed’ DSP applications, certified and deployed under Oxlo ODIN solutions has quadrupled for one automaker. Auto dealers now have the opportunity to choose from a pool of applications, rather than a single certified DMS, giving the auto dealer the ability to choose how and when to react to the market changes.

Other automaker initiatives have quickly Continue reading