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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Dominion DMS Completes Ford DCS Application Integration

Dominion DMS Completes Ford DCS Application Integration

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Automotive News – Broomfield, Colorado – March 20, 2013 – Oxlo Systems Inc. announces the successful completion of Ford DCS B2B integration certification and auto dealer application rollout by Dominion DMS. Dominion DMS successfully completed application integration communications development, certification and all auto dealer production deployments using Oxlo’s Open Dealer Integration Network solution for automotive retail in 60 days.

Using Oxlo’s Open Dealer Integration Network (ODIN™) secure connectivity and transport technology, Dominion DMS was able to rapidly connect to Oxlo and begin B2B integration data exchange testing. By successfully completing all of the test driven development quality checks using Oxlo’s Self Service Integration (SSI™), Dominion DMS positioned itself for initial dealer pilot with only a small need for direct integration development support. Within a 60 day timeline, Dominion DMS completed all certification steps and deployed all dealers Ford auto dealers that use the Dominion DMS application.

By completing the Ford DCS application integration milestone, Dominion DMS demonstrated that leveraging Oxlo ODIN&trade automotive retail application integration solutions to execute the legacy VPN technology transition for Ford DCS was simple and rapid in execution.

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