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Monthly Archives: February 2007

Oxlo to Provide Integrations for Microsoft Next Generation DMS

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – February 03, 2007 – Oxlo Systems Inc., Infonizer North America Inc., and Microsoft, announce an agreement for Oxlo to provide integration services to the Dealer Management System for Microsoft Dynamics AX (MSDMS).

Infonizer and Oxlo are both strategic Microsoft partners including participation in Microsoft’s recently announced Automotive Retail Solutions program, with Infonizer developing and marketing the next generation Dealer Management System (DMS) based on Microsoft Dynamics AX, and Oxlo running the leading Dealer Integration Network.

Leveraging the Oxlo Dealer Integration Network will enable MSDMS to quickly integrate with the growing list of Oxlo network members’ systems.

“A DMS must be integrated to numerous third party systems, such as OEMs, before entering the market. By partnering with Oxlo we will accelerate our time to market, as we won’t have to wait on integration development,” said Richard Ward, President Infonizer NA. “The Oxlo Dealer Integration Network efficiently provides MSDMS with instant access to leading automaker, lender and other partner systems,” added Ward.

John Reed, Director, Automotive Retail Solutions Microsoft, commented, “Microsoft’s strategy is to provide a comprehensive modern and scalable dealer solution delivered by an array of integrated partners whose offerings are built on Microsoft core technologies.” Reed added, “The combination of Infonizer’s DMS platform and Oxlo’s Dealer Integration Network are key components of this strategy.”

“Oxlo has dramatically simplified dealer systems integration, allowing dealer system providers to focus on the new technologies and innovation that deliver value to consumers, dealers, automakers and other dealer business partners,” said Jim Lejeal, CEO of Oxlo. “It’s exciting to see Microsoft and Infonizer bringing fresh new solutions to the dealer market, and Oxlo is pleased to be working with them,” added Lejeal.

MSDMS will capitalize on Microsoft’s familiar products and user interface, flattening the learning curve for dealership employees and offers integration across MS products like MS
Office and Outlook, and mobile functionality.

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AutoSoft Dealers Benefit From Enhanced Ford Factory Integration Provided by Oxlo

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – February 03, 2007 – Oxlo Systems Inc., the operator of the leading Dealer Integration Network, and AutoSoft International, Inc., North America’s third largest Dealer Management System (DMS) vendor and one of four DMS vendors recently selected by GM to provide Integrated Dealership Management Systems (IDMS) in North America, announce the availability of a new enhanced integration to Ford Motor Company’s dealer communications system.

Oxlo and AutoSoft announced their plans in December, and as scheduled in that previous announcement, they began pilot in January running live dealer operational data through the new managed Internet communications package, along with four new interfaces to Ford.

“AutoSoft has earned our business by not only providing a comprehensive and affordable dealer management system, but also because they listen to suggestions and then take action,” said Harold Fugate, of Fugate Motors in El Dorado Springs, Missouri. “This improved factory communications package along with the new Ford interfaces is an example of AutoSoft responding to dealer input and delivering a solution that exceeds expectations,” added Fugate.

“Now more then ever we’re seeing dealers consider alternatives to their current dealer management system,” said AutoSoft COO, Charlie Prophet. “Dealer feedback on our enhanced Ford communications package has been outstanding because it simplifies dealer operations. We will continue enhancing the AutoSoft DMS application – further improving dealer operations at an affordable price,” added Prophet.

According to Dan Seats, Oxlo COO, “We’re pleased to have been able to enhance and expand AutoSoft’s Ford integration. This is a win for everyone involved, but especially the dealers. We’re looking forward to rolling out the improved integration to all AutoSoft’s Ford dealers.”

The enhanced communications package for AutoSoft’s Ford dealers replaces the current VPN solution with managed Internet communications. AutoSoft is now out of pilot and actively offering this new solution to its Ford dealers.

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