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Oxlo Releases New Auto Dealer Software Integration with Hyundai Motor America

Oxlo Releases New Auto Dealer Software Integration with Hyundai Motor America

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Automotive News – Broomfield, Colorado – Nov 28, 2011 – Oxlo Systems Inc., announces the release of a new auto dealer software integration with Hyundai Motor America. The new Vehicle Inquiry dealer integration is available immediately for integration development and certification for all auto dealer software providers. This real-time bi-directional integration is based on STAR standards and extends dealer integration with Hyundai Motor America deeper into the dealership at the service bay.

Integrated Vehicle Inquiry gives auto dealer Service Advisors valuable vehicle information for the repair order write-up process from within their auto dealer software.  Dealers will be able to electronically submit and receive vehicle information data over a real-time, secure network.  The new Vehicle Inquiry process provides Service Advisors the vehicle information they need to improve the service experience.

  • Improve the customer service experience by streamlining the process of obtaining accurate vehicle information.
  • Receive campaign information and service history at the time of service write up.
  • Work within your auto dealer software.
  • Eliminate logging into the dealer portal to obtain vehicle information and eliminate the need to use multiple applications in the service bay.

Hyundai franchise auto dealers can find out more about this new Vehicle Inquiry integration by visiting the Oxlo Certified Auto Dealer Software For Hyundai Motor America website. This site provides auto dealers with a list of certified auto dealer software solutions and includes a new Auto Dealer Software Integration Blog. At the website, auto dealers can subscribe to the blog, interact with certified auto dealer software providers and Oxlo Systems and learn more in-depth information about Hyundai Motor America auto dealer integration features and functionality.

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