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Auto Dealer Integration | Service Bay | Hyundai Motor America

Auto Dealer Integration | Service Bay | Hyundai Motor America

Auto Dealer Integration| B2B Integration | Hyundai DCS | Automotive News

Automotive News – Broomfield, Colorado – Oct 27, 2011 – Oxlo Systems Inc. has extended its relationship with Hyundai Motor America through an agreement to provide enhanced auto dealer integration solutions that span certification and production operations for current and future dealer B2B integration with auto dealer software.

Oxlo automotive solutions accelerate the development, certification and operational management of data exchange between back office and front office software running at the dealership and the automaker business systems. Hyundai Motor America auto dealer integration will benefit from the complete suite of integration life cycle solutions from Oxlo Systems.

Integration Requirements & Specifications
Oxlo Integration Specifications provide the auto dealer software provider development team with a set of requirements necessary to implement and certify for auto dealer integration. The common Oxlo Specifications format spans auto manufacturers and lenders and allows the integration developer simple access to the information they need to integrate and certify rapidly.

Integration Development & Certification
Oxlo Self Service Interoperability (Oxlo SSI™) allows auto dealer software providers to rapidly develop and certify integrations with Hyundai Motor America business systems. By leveraging Oxlo SSI™, the dealer service provider on-boarding and certification effort becomes a simple and familiar test driven development process that auto dealer software development teams can use 24×7 at their convenience. This developer friendly approach drives time to integrate down by as much as 70% and increases the quality of the developed auto dealer integration.

Integration Production Operations
Oxlo Open Dealer Integration (Oxlo ODIN™) is the auto dealer integration network for the automotive industry. ODIN connects over 40 auto dealer software provider applications and allows existing connected applications to maintain a single data communications and integration platform interface to auto manufacturers and auto lenders. ODIN is a fully redundant system that is co-located in Class A data centers with 7×24 technical support and monitoring.

ODIN features simplify dealer data entry by including error messages that guide the dealer to fix data entry issues before submitting to the automaker. ODIN features also allow automakers to enhance existing auto dealer integration suites using agile software practices by supporting multiple concurrent versions of an integraiton running side by side.

ODIN currently connects many auto software provider solutions to Hyundai Motor America making future auto dealer integration even easier to put into production.

Dealer Deployment Management
Oxlo Self Service Deployment (Oxlo SSD™) allows auto dealer software providers to use Oxlo’s simple deployment process for on-boarding dealerships with new integration features. Oxlo Insight™ portal services combine deployment request and scheduling, automaker dealer verification, and automaker integration dashboards and allow automakers insight into the rollout and adoption of integration feature deployments around the world.

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